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A variety of creative styles of Halloween costumes have been inspired by fictional feline characters from storybooks and movies. From the Alice in Wonderland movies and books, the Cheshire Cat is one of the most popular characters for both guys and gals. Apart from Alice herself, the Tabby British Short-hair cat stood out in all the stories of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Everyone can’t forget the iconic mischievous smile of the Cheshire Cat which is probably the first image that pops in your head when you think about this mysterious creature. This particular cat has made a notable impact on popular culture from the many Alice movies, inspiring a variety of different Cheshire Cat Halloween costumes! Now is the time to check out what Halloween costume choices you have for this big grinned feline trickster!

Best Cheshire Cat Costume Ideas for 2023!

1X 8X Plus Size Chesire Cat Costume

1X-8X Plus Size Cheshire Cat Costume

This cute and sexy Cheshire Cat costume is available in several full figure dress sizes so everyone can dress up as Alice’s favorite Wonderland cat. This is available in several women plus sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, and 8X!

Women's Wonderland Cat Costume

Women’s Wonderland Cat Costume

You can make Disney’s classic Cheshire Cat character look attractive and feminine in this pink and purple striped cat costume which is also available in child, teen, and plus size for full figure women!

Deluxe Men's Cheshire Cat Costume

Deluxe Cheshire Cat Costume

Inspired by Disney’s animated film Alice in Wonderland, this adult size costume for men or women captures the spirit of the animated feline from the movie! This costume is also available in plus sizes and children sizes. Now everyone can dress up like the Chesire Cat!

Child Sassy Wonderland Cat Costume

Child Pink Cheshire Cat Dress Costume

Dress up as Wonderland’s favorite feline character in this cute sassy pink Cheshire Cat costume dress inspired by the Alice in Wonderland stories and movies!

Child Cheshire Cat Costume for Girls

Child Cheshire Cat Costume

This adorable feminine Cheshire Cat will make a great Halloween costume for girls! This outfit also comes in adult size too! Click to read the details!

Women's Chesire Wig

Striped Cheshire Cat Wig

Complete your Chesire cat outfit with this striped Cheshire Cat Wig for adult women!

From the first release of the film version of the Alice in Wonderland story to the most recent depiction from a rather peculiar yet undoubtedly brilliant director, this one character has spawned various products from toys to wide ranging costumes. Since the cat has not been identified as to which gender it has, anyone can take a pick among the several editions of the Cheshire cat attire.

Are you aiming for the cute and adorable look? Well toddlers, kids, teens and wholesome adults would love to put on this ensemble – a one piece black jumpsuit with pink or purple stripes, matching headpiece, kitty ears and plush tail. Another Cheshire cat costume for all ages is comprised of a one piece jumpsuit with purple and pink stripes, padded tail and purple furry headpiece. Faux fur mitts and shoe covers in pink or purple would complete this signature Wonderland character look.

Whether as a sexy kitten or as the classic roguish Cat, Cheshire Cat costumes would not be complete without a little touch of makeup application. Yes, it is easy to create a catlike image but remember you are portraying the Cheshire Cat. Focus on your lips as this character’s signature look is its smile. Print out a copy of the Cheshire Cat version you like – the classic 1950s cartoony one or the more elusive 2009 adaptation, and replicate that distinguishable grin. Exaggerate your smile as you walk into the party for more effect.

The Cheshire Cat is without a doubt a memorable character that would be a staple in Halloween parties or any other costume event. It is a fun, easy and diverse costume and would even make a wonderful costume idea if your friends can come along as Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit or March Hare.

People will easily recognize your identity if you will consider having Alice with you at the party. So ask your friend or partner to dress up in Alice in Wonderland Costume. The costume is also available in kids and adult sizes. The costume is styled in blue dress with white pinafore. There are several versions of Alice’s costume like the short, sexy style for adults and the age-appropriate attire for children. Adults can complete the costume with white knee-high stockings, black shoes, and a blue headband with oversize blue bow.

Attend the party with your partner. Just make sure that Cheshire Cat will lead Alice into the right direction and not misleading her through the land.

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