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Best Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas for Women and Girls

You still have a few more days left for Halloween. Lucky for you affordable expedited shipping makes it possible for you to enjoy Halloween which is the perfect time to dress up as the Queen of Hearts and hold lots of costume parties! You don’t want to be late for the party like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland so now is the time to think about what kind of beautiful Queen of Hearts dress you want to wear for your future Halloween costume party and get it before it’s too late! From the Alice in Wonderland books and movies, the popularity of the Queen has also expanded into Halloween, inspiring a wide variety of different Queen costumes and dresses for you to choose from. This infamous royal character has become one of the top-selling Halloween costumes in recent Halloween seasons among girls, teenagers, young women, and full figure adult women, even outselling the traditional Alice in Wonderland costumes. These royal Halloween costume dresses are even available in children’s child sizes for young girls and toddlers. Browse through these royal dress costumes the best Queen of Hearts costumes for women and girls available on sale online.

The Best Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas for 2023

Ravishing Queen of Hearts Costume for Women

Ravishing Queen of Hearts Costume

These costumes sell out quickly during the Halloween season so get one now. Become the Red Queen of Wonderland in this beautiful Ravishing Queen of Hearts costume which features fine detail and lacy layers of a beautiful floor-length gown with a top with a red velvet center panel with a silky gold heart, poofed sleeves with sheer gauze trimmed with a fine black lace, matching the bodice and neckline. Even the collar has unique detail wrapping the back of the neck in a black and white checkered pattern. This is a top-notch costume perfect for the Queen of Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Deluxe for Women

Disney’s Animated Queen of Hearts Dress

If you enjoyed the original 1951 Alice in Wonderland animated movie by Disney, you would recognize this deluxe Queen of Hearts dress costume inspired by the cartoon! The color and style is based on the classic cartoon design of the infamous Queen in the animated Disney film! At your Halloween party, the heads will turn and if they don’t, those heads will roll! You can comically proclaim “Off with your head!” to pay homage to the original Queen of Wonderland!

Leg Avenue Women's Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

Leg Avenue’s Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

Back in stock…this is the popular deluxe Queen of Hearts dress from Leg’s Avenue! This royal dress is available in women sizes small to extra large. This is also available in adult women sizes!

Peasant Top Queen of Hearts Costume

Sexy Queen of Hearts Dress

There’s nothing wrong looking pretty when you fall down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland! If you want a Queen of Hearts dress that is both confident and sexy, we recommend this outfit designed by Leg Avenue. This attractive dress is available in women sizes small – extra-large. This is the perfect dress for Halloween weekend!

Elite Queen of Hearts Costume

Elite Red Queen of Hearts Costume

When it comes to fairy tale queen dresses, you want to buy the most elite kind for the best price! Rule over your next Halloween party in this Red Queen dress which includes a corset, jacket, skirt, and royal crown. Best of all, this costume is made to fit almost any women. Available in sizes small, medium, large, x-large, and plus sizes 1X, 2X, 3X 4X!

In Character Super Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

Super Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

If you have high expectations for a dress like a royal queen, this premier royal costume will fulfill your expectations, making you the queen of all queens! This super deluxe costume is pricier, but you’ll get what you pay for and it’s worth it. This beautiful royal outfit includes a full-length gown with puff shoulders, satin black overlay, and a red crushed velvet skirt with printed royal details including hearts and gold trim. It also includes a hooped tulle petticoat with elastic waist, choker, and sequin heart crown/tiara. A 2X-3X plus size version for full figured woman is also available!

Caged Heart Queen Costume

Heart Queen Costume with Cage

This outfit puts a fiery spin on the costumes inspired by the classic Queen character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. This stand out firey costume gives you a commanding presence perfect for any Halloween party! This outfit is available in several women sizes, including plus sizes for full figure women. Click for more details!

Leg Avenue's Sexy Royal Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

Sexy Royal Queen of Hearts Dress

This sexy queen short dress from Leg Avenue will make you the center of attention at your next royal ball or Halloween costume party! Available in women sizes x-small to large.

Dark Queen of Hearts Costume Women's Plus Size

Plus Size 1X-4X Dark Queen of Hearts Dress Costume

This dark but sexy Queen gown will help you stand out from the crowd at your next Halloween costume party! This full figure queen costume is available in women plus sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, and 4X.

Plus Size Sparkling Queen of Hearts

Plus Size Sparkling Queen of Hearts Women’s 1X 2X 3X

This full figure dress will make your true beauty shine on Halloween as the sparkling queen of the night. This impressive outfit consists of a bodysuit top with sequined heart bust with supporting clear straps, a unique high collar decorated with a stylish cards, high-low design draped skirt and a golden bow in the middle. Available in plus sizes 1X, 2X and 3X!

Ace of Hearts Adult Costume

Ace of Hearts Costume

If you prefer not to wear a dress and go as another royal Wonderland character, you can suit up in this fun Ace of Hearts card costume! You can also suit your partner up in this Hearts card costume and go as a couple. This outfit is also available in child sizes for kids!

Pretty Mad Hatter Girls Costume

Pretty Women’s Mad Hatter Costume

If you want to go as another iconic Wonderland character but with a twist, you can dress up as the pretty feminine version of the classic Mad Hatter character. These beautiful pastel colors will make you stand out from the rest at your next Alice in Wonderland costume party! This stylish outfit is also available in women’s plus sizes!

Deluxe Alice in Wonderland Costume

Elite Alice in Wonderland Costume

If you want to dress up as Alice, we recommend this elite Alice costume which features her classic blue dress with white apron and a beautiful large white bow on the back!

Tween Queen of Hearts Halloween costumes kids

Tween Queen Of Hearts Halloween Costume

This girl’s Halloween costume includes a red/white dress with attached stand up collar, a pair of white leggings & glovelettes designed with hearts, and a small cute queen’s crown. Girl Sizes: Large (10-12) or X-Large (12-14).

child deluxe queen of hearts child costume

Child Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

If your little princess has an intense passion for fashion, this dress gives off the royal flair that she will love. This cute outfit includes a red, black, and white short sleeve royal dress with high collar, a pair of fingerless gloves, and leggings with heart shapes. And your child will love the tiny crown headband! Available in several girl sizes ranging from x-small to large.

The Queen of Hearts is a popular female villain from the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland story books by author Lewis Carroll. These enchanting stories are better known as Alice in Wonderland which have been adapted to several different animated shows, television movies, and theatrical films for several decades around the world.

Several different styles and designs have been created for women of all shapes and sizes. They range from the slim sexy version for teens and young women to the stylish plus size sophisticated versions for full figure adult women.

Recently, film director Tim Burton re-imagined the Queen of Hearts into the vicious Red Queen in the latest live-action movie motion picture Alice in Wonderland, as played by actress Helena Bonham-Carter, the character still manages to win acquire some of our sympathy, particularly by the end of the film when she is defeated by Alice. As conceived by director Tim Burton, the character has an over sized head and a bad attitude. Her ruthless character has taken over Wonderland where she is now terrorizing its residents, throwing some into dungeons and executing those she believes are a threat against her, shouting her famous line, “off with her head!” She also captures The Mad Hatter and frightens him so that he will reveal to her the location of Alice, leading to an exciting climax and resolution to the movie. Thanks to the box office success of this wonderful movie, the Queen of Hearts have become even more popular this Halloween season. Here is a new sale list of great woman Halloween costumes the movie and the classic storybook have inspired.

While Bonham-Carter’s head was digitally enhanced to make it look three times larger than its normal size, Colleen Atwood, the costume designer for Alice in Wonder, helped further the illusion by giving the character an Elizabethan gown with a tightly-clinched waist and fancy high collar. A prosthetic forehead was also added to raise the actress’s hairline, and the entire look was topped off with a heart-shaped red wig. But while acknowledging that the right costume can help an actor immensely in finding their character, Atwood ultimately gave full credit to Bonham-Carter for her portrayal, which successfully brought the Red Queen to life.

While you might think that Halloween costumes based on villainous characters would not be that popular, the Red Queen may be the exemption to the rule. The Red Queen costume consists of a red and gold dress with hearts embroidered down the front of the skirt, a petticoat, a high collar, and a crown. It is available in women’s adult small, medium and large sizes; shoes, however, are not included with the costume and will have to be purchased bought separately. You’ll feel like hissing “off with their heads!” to other guests when you wear this costume to your annual Halloween party. It’s always a good idea not to wait till the last minute for Halloween so we recommend that you shop for one right now. We will have more news on any more latest editions of queen costumes for kids and women for this Halloween 2012 season!

Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

child queen of hearts girl costumeIf you are a big Alice in Wonderland fan, you can learn about all the facts and myths that surround the stories and their author Lewis Carroll at the Noyes Museum’s Exhibition which is dedicated to the life of the legendary author and his books “Alice in Wonderland” & “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

The Noyes Museum of Art
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Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie starring Mia Wasikowska

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