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Queen’s don’t always like to go to costume parties alone so dress up your significant other as the King of Hearts and go as a couple to your next Halloween party! King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts make a great couple’s costume theme, especially for Halloween! There are plenty of King costumes to choose from these days! You can make a royal entrance in your next Wonderland costume party or Halloween party with all the Alice in Wonderland characters like the Red Queen, Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and the rest of the storybook characters! Get ready to rule Halloween in one of these featured royal regal costumes for guys that are magnificently designed and crafted just for your needs and desires! We found just the right king outfits for adult men, plus size men, and boys!

Deluxe King of Hearts Costume for Men

Deluxe King of Hearts Costume for men.

If your love is going as the Queen of Hearts for Halloween then you should complement her outfit by accompanying her as the King of Hearts! This includes the royal crown with fur band, gold crown points and ribs, long royal velvet coat with faux white fur and puffy upper sleeves with black and white diamond print satin and red velvet, a white satin sash with red hearts and gold edging, and a black poplin and gold brocade tunic. Stand by your lady at her next Halloween party in this wonderful king’s outfit! The adult men costume is also available in plus size! Click to read details on men sizes.

Plus Size King of Hearts Costume for Men

Plus Size King of Hearts Costume for Men

If you need a comfortable King outfit designed for big and tall guys in mind, you will want to take a look at this outfit which is available in men size 2X! This has a great regal, consisting of the royal red tunic, robe, and crown! Rule over Wonderland in this great dignified royal costume! This monarch outfit is also available in standard sizes and kid sizes. Click for more detail!

Kid's King of Hearts Costume

Kid’s King of Hearts Costume

If your child needs a royal outfit to rule Wonderland, he can suit up in this regal king costume for boys! This kid-sized outfit has a great design filled with regal details inspired by playing cards. The bright red robe with hearts and diamond prints and matching crown will make your kid look like a regent! The red scepter is available separately. This comes in child sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large.

When you were playing cards with your friends, did you ever wonder who are these royal faces on the king and queen cards? Were they inspired by real people? Yes, they were! If you are in for some trivia, the face on the King of Hearts card is inspired by King Charles of England from the house of Stuart! As for the other suits, King Caesar inspired the face of the King of Diamonds while King David inspired the King of Spades, then finally the King of Clubs was inspired by Alexander the Great! If you are interested in dressing up as a playing card, these types of costumes are also available!

King of Hearts Card Costume

King of Hearts Card Costume

If you want to be a playing card for Halloween, this one will make you the king of the deck! Everyone’s favorite king in a standard deck of playing cards is of course the King of Hearts! Don’t you want to be someone full of hearts! If you want a simple outfit to wear this is very easy to put on as you just slide it over your body and now you instantly transform into the best trump card of any deck of playing cards! You can add a crown and a scepter to enhance your royal appearance!

Nobody wants to go to a party alone, especially a king so it’s better to go out as a couple with your girlfriend or wife wearing a Queen’s costume! You can even dress up your kids in a prince and princess costume so the entire family can become a royal one on Halloween night! In the storybook, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the King is the more compassionate person compared to the Queen who asserts her authority over her people. The queen is short-tempered and quick to sentence her subject to death when any one of them crosses her! However, the King secretly pardons those poor souls and saves them behind her back! The King is actually afraid of his own wife in the story. In the 1951 Disney movie Alice in Wonderland, the King is a tiny sleepy man who spends most of his time sleeping and walking on eggshells because like the storybook version, he is afraid of the Queen. The man was so timid he blamed an accident on Alice to avoid the wrath of the Queen! Here is a trailer for the Disney movie below!

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